No service needed for 16 years. Thanks for your prompt service.

Gerald Wilkerson
Boise, ID

We moved back to Boise, built a new home and tried to cut corners with a soft water system from a big box store. (You know what I mean.) This model lasted 6 years. We tried the hard water for nearly a year and I realized we spent more time cleaning toilets, hard water spots and windows than ever before. Worse, we spent more money on every detergent, shampoo and conditioner and cleaning agent.

We found Water World online, contacted Dean and he stayed in the store waiting for us to come and see his products on a rainy Saturday late afternoon. Computer ran, easy on the eyes, uses only 8 pounds a recharge= SOLD. Our unit was installed a few days later and WE LOVE IT. Imagine standing in a waterfall, droplets sliding from your body– that is soft water. We will get used to using a fraction of the shampoo we did use, so worth it. Our thanks and appreciation for the fine job you did, Dean. Thanks Water World!

Mrs. Michael Powell
Boise, ID

Dean, I would like to thank you for your time and outstanding service. My family and I are very pleased with our water softener system that we purchased from Water World. I found it amazing that, out of all of the vendors I initially contacted, you were the only one that had enough time and patience to answer all of my questions and explain the inner workings, the differences in products, and the gains to be had by softening hard water. After talking to you is was clear that you were very knowledgeable in the subject, and it was the very thing that differentiated Water World from your competition.

The service I received from Water World was fast, friendly and professional. In addition to great service, Water World provides a large selection of products, ranging from Residential to Commercial, with different types of configurations in order to better suit our needs. After shopping around, I found that the products at Water World were competitively priced, and that the extended warranties offered were a bargain, as well.

I would recommend going with Water World to anyone looking for a new or replacement water softening system. Go visit Dean and take a water sample in with you for testing. After you see the differences between Water World and the competition, the choice will be obvious.

David Leister
Boise, ID

We wish to express our total satisfaction with Dean Adkins, and his company, "Water World". Several years ago our water softener quit working. We had Dean replace it with a model he recommended because of its cost and effectiveness (an Imperial Gem System). We were so satisfied, when we remodeled our kitchen 5 years ago, we asked him to install a reverse osmosis for drinking water, and for the ice maker and water dispenser in our new refrigerator.

When our water heater quit working, we were without soft water for a few days. We quickly decided we would rather be without hot water than do without soft water!

We appreciate the level of service and the integrity Dean provides in selling, installing and servicing the equipment he offers.

Michael and Sheryl Hillman
Boise, ID

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