Compare with RainSoft or any high quality USA (or foreign) equipment

IMPERIAL GEM Water Processors knows of your need for quality soft water for cleaning, laundry and bathing needs, plus your desire for clear, sweet tasting, high quality water for drinking and cooking.  Custom designed for the Rocky Mountain Region, Imperial Gem equipment is formatted to resist chlorine & chemical attack and breakdown of resin, reducing hard minerals, iron, sulfur smells and other odors,while high quality demand and computing controls deliver supreme efficiency in electricity, salt and water usage.  With high flow rates and up-flow regeneration available, IMPERIAL GEM Water Processors are beneficial to the environment, and not harmful to septic and drain systems.

Large enough to manage the worst water conditions~
Delicately delivers the best water to every faucet in your home!

CUSTOM BUILT for the Rocky Mountains
  • Chlorine, Taste and Odor Reduction
  • Low Salt Use. Choice of Sodium or Potassium Brining
  • Upflow Regeneration saves $$$
  • Variable Reserve = more savings
  • Parts availability – always in stock
  • No-hassle limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bigger Tanks, higher resin and adder capacity
  • Highest Flow Rates for their size
  • 1″ or 1 1/2″ residential porting available
  • Proportional brining saves $$$
  • Reduces Organic and Inorganic Chemicals from your water supply
  • Reduces possibility of pesticides and other contaminants

Supreme Commander

Dependable high-tech valve with high-flow electronic metering. Proprotional brining saves salt.  Regenerates only when needed. Lifetime Memory and Performance Monitoring.

Put this unit In Command of your water quality.

Her Excellency

Dependable Clack Plus Valve with high-flow electronic metering.  Solid state microprocessor with time, remaining capacity and cycle.  Permanent memory backup.  Regenerates only when needed.

Crown Jewell

Dependable Fleck 56SE valve. Novram permanent backup memory. 1″ porting for higher flow rates.

Royal Highness

Dependable Fleck 6700 valve. 1″ porting for higher flow rates. Maintains 30 day performance monitoring making sure enough reserve is always available for you.