Compare with “Big Box” Brands and Plumbers Supply Stores

Water World Warehouse BASIC +PLUS+ Water Softeners help prevent scale build-up, protect your plumbing fixtures, plus increase the life and appearance of your appliances. Soaps lather better, laundry comes out cleaner and brighter, and your housework gets much easier. Use two-thirds less of your harsh chemicals and cleaning agents!

  • Dependable, time-tested Erie, Fleck, & Clack valves are trustworthy.
    Easy maintenance,
    non-experimental, and parts are available.
  • Quality Inner-lined, reinforced, spiral wound tanks.
  • High Standard 8% cross-link resin (rather than the lower quality 6 or 7%  resins used in most lower priced softeners) mmeans longer life, less maintenance, and better performance.
  • Water World Trained, Certified technicians.
  • 5 Year Protection Plan Optional: Complete parts and labor, and unlimited service calls for repairs, if needed.
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty on resin tank, brine tank and resin!
  • Free water hardness testing anytime.
  1. Better control valves
  2. Better softening resin
  3. Stronger tanks
  4. Easier to service
  5. Manufactured in USA
  6. Parts availability
  7. Knowledgeable techs
  8. Local service
  9. Parts and service warranty
  10. 10 year mfg warranty
  11. Competitive pricing

Fully automatic 5-cycle time clock with 12-day timer

Fleck 5600 5-cycle fully automatic mechanical valve, 32,000 grain

The Aquafier
Clack 5-cycle fully automatic digital display of time and days remaining.

Fleck 5600 5-cycle metering valve

Fleck 5600 Mechanical or Metering Valve.