For many years, the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has monitored what the average family spends on various grocery items. They have found, after years of surveys and data collection, that the average family spends from 17% to 20% of their grocery budget for non-foods items at the grocery store.

These items include detergents and liquids for clothes and dishes, fabric softeners, hard water spotting agents, liquid soaps, pre-wash conditioners, additives for delicates; various bath soap bars and liquids; tough style cleansers, and for windows, oven, toilet, tub and tile; spray cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners; hair shampoos and conditioners;  bath and body oils and lotions, skin softeners, etc.

This means that, if your weekly grocery budget is about $150.00, you would be spending $25 to $30 a week on the above items. Check your receipts to verify this. Multiplied by 4.3 weeks a month, your costs would be $100 to $130 for stuff to keep you clean, and not food!

Hard minerals,  iron, and other contaminants in your water (which are considered “safe” by the EPA), forces you to use cleaning products with strong chemicals added, like phosphate, chlorides, and others, to make your clothes, dishes, hair and bodies cleaner. Because of that, you are using 2 to 3 times more cleaners than you should have to, and of course, you are giving P & G and Lever Bros lots more money every month than you should have to.

Water World Warehouse provides a variety of water treatment equipment to remove the hard, inorganic minerals from your water, making it soft and clean enough that you can use 50% to 75% less of the products you purchase, or enables you to effectively use more natural cleaning products that are easier on our fragile environment. Either way, you win! You use less soap and detergents, and save 50% to 75% of the cost. Plus, you save time, because soft water is easier and scrubbing time is much less.

In addition to these  savings are the reduced maintenance costs in your home when you, at the least, soften your water. Many studies confirm that appliances last longer; plumbing and fixtures last longer and look better; clothing is cleaner, softer and lasts longer; water heaters last twice as long and use up to 30% less energy; tankless water heaters do not lose their efficiency so fast; Dishes look better, spotting is decreased, scale build-up doesn’t occur so much, shower doors look better, cars wash cleaner, bottled water costs are reduced, and hand lotions, body oils, even toothpaste use is reduced by 50%.

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