Tired of the expense and hassle of bottled water… Want purified drinking water straight from your kitchen sink?

Water World Warehouse offers water purifiers and purification systems, which provide a more refined or polishing aspect approaching “pure” water. These systems typically include the ‘point-of-use’ items such as Reverse Osmosis, UV Sterilizers, Bottle-less Water Coolers, and Sub-micron Cartridge Filters.

Determining the best system is a simple matter of comparing the product’s performance to other alternatives. The performance of a particular water purification system can be easily verified by reviewing its Performance Data Sheet. The data sheet lists all the contaminants the system is certified to remove and to what degree. The law in Idaho and several other states requires that this information be included as part of the company’s literature as well as the ongoing replacement cartridge cost. We will provide a copy with each product. This process will instantly and effectively provide clean, great tasting purified drinking water right at your tap, without chemicals, or even electricity! And without concern as to where your water was bottled, how it was handled or concern of tampering.

Water World Warehouse’s water purifiers, purification systems and drinking water systems utilize the latest in technology for chemical-free cleansing to provide safe, great tasting purified and refreshing drinking water. Want Instant Hot Water? See our Counter Top Water Coolers.

See Reverse Osmosis Systems and bottle-less water Coolers and Instant Hot.

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