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Free Home Water Test

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Mr. Drip Sez – What’s in YOUR Water? Let’s find out with a test for the possible contaminants or “problem causers” that you are having to deal with. Whether it’s simply hard water minerals like calcium chloride, magnesium or manganese, or iron, sulfur, nitrate, or other more bothersome water conditions, it’s easy to do.

Simply bring a water sample to our store for analysis for most common problems, or pick up a certified test bottle, fill and bring back for certified testing (there is a charge for certified testing).

If you are serious about correcting your problem, invite us to your home where we can do a comprehensive analysis of your conditions, consult and counsel you on possible ways of correction.

The basic water tests are FREE OF COST, whether in the store, or in your home. And if you invite us to your home, for a limited time, we’ll bring you a Seychelle 18oz. Filter Bottle for filtering water on the go. It’s great for camping, filtering chlorine from the restaurant, or for your 72 hour preparedness kit, and capable of filtering up to 100 gallons of water, 99.99% pure. And it’s yours FREE with an in-home test!

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Get Clean Water

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Did you know that Water World’s ALL AMERICAN whole-house water conditioners eliminate hard minerals, iron, tastes and odors, dirt, chlorine,  and other nasties from your water so  you can have Clean, Sweet, Tasty Water at Every Tap?

Water World’s water conditioners are custom made in the USA for the special water conditions of the Rocky Mountain region, where runoff carries old mining chemicals and other contaminants to our aquifers below.

Treating for some of these contaminants is done by our water delivery (city) systems, but only to the level considered “safe” by the EPA. Nuisance contaminants (like hardness, iron, manganese, sulfur) are seldom looked at.

These nuisance contaminants are what make your home operating budget so high, with high-cost chemicals and cleaners you have to buy to take care of your appliances, plumbing, house and body. You owe it to yourself to have and enjoy the benefits of good, clean, and safe, water at every tap. It’s much better for the environment, too! Even leaves more “green” in your pocket book.

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Vertex Reverse Osmosis

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Vertex PureWaterMachine

5 Stage POU Reverse Osmosis System -

WQA Gold Seal Approved -

The Best RO System available!

The Vertex five stage Reverse Osmosis purification system uses advanced Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology to remove dissolved molecular contaminants from tap water. Five stages block high sediment contamination to clean even the dirtiest water.

Reverse Osmosis filtration cleans water by taking out the totally dissolved solids (TDS) which contaminate water. Although city water treatment removes the dirt and debris and adds chlorine to prevent the spread of diseases, it does not remove the dissolved solids from the water. And, with the increasing pollution of our surface and ground water with contaminants, such as lead, mercury, and chromium-6, as well as the naturally occuring harmful contaminants such as arsenic, fluorides and sulfides found in some areas of the country, it is more important than ever to have a way to remove these contaminants at the point of use.

The Vertex PT-4.0/5 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Device is California Certified for reduction of Hexavalent Chromium, Lead Nitrates, Nitrites, and Selenium. (CA Certificate Number02-1535)
WQA Gold Seal Approved – The Vertex PureWaterMachine Reverse Osmosis Filter system has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association’s GOLD SEAL program to ANSI/NSF standard 58 for performance and reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other contaminants. All filter elements are made in the USA and are NSF approved – assuring a high quality filter system.
  • 5-stage system for filtration and purification
  • Produces up to 36 gallons per day – That means you get 1.5 gallons/hour!
  • NSF Certified Membrane, removes up to 99% of TDS & most  other contaminants
  • May be plumbed to your refrigerator and coffeemaker
  • Crystalline, harder & clearer ice cubes
  • Delicious, sparkling drinking water
  • Clean-rinsed fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Convenience: Fresh, pristine water – Ready at your tap!
  • Environmentally sound:

No chemicals used!

No electricity needed!

  • Quality water for your aquarium
  • Cost-effective: NO MORE BOTTLED WATER COSTS!!
  • Less than 5 cents/ gallon.

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter: This polyspun filter takes out suspended solids such as dirt, rust, sand, and pipe scale down to 5 microns.

Stages 2 & 3 – Twin Activated Carbon Block Filters: Activated carbon block filters remove chlorine,  some chemicals, bad tastes and odors.

Stage 4 – 36 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The heart of the Vertex PureWaterMachine is the reverse osmosis membrane. RO technology removes on average 95% of the dissolved solids in your water. Dissolved solids are not removed by municipal water treatment. This is why the Vertex PureWaterMachine is an important safety factor for the water you drink and use in your cooking.

City water pressure is used in the reverse osmosis membrane to force the water molecules through the membrane, but the larger contaminant molecules are kept behind and flushed to the sewer. The clean water goes into the storage tank and is held there ready for use. An autovalve turns off the water when the tank is full. The tank is pressurized with a bladder which pushes the water out through the final filter.

Stage 5 – Granual activated Carbon Filter:

When the faucet is opened, clean water from the storage tank flows through the final polishing filter of activated carbon and into the faucet for your use. This special faucet is installed on your sink to dispense safe, good tasting drinking water which is especially good for coffee, tea and drinks.

The PureWaterMachine comes complete, ready to install with instructions. The 5-stages are pre-assembled and tested. The faucet, inlet water valve, drain saddle connection, storage tank valve and color coded plastic tubing for undersink installation are all included.

Features and Specifications of the Vertex Reverse Osmosis System PT-4.0/5 PureWaterMachine:

• Tank – 4.0 Gallon plastic tank, Pre-    pressurized with Butyl Bladder, 2.5 gal. water capacity
• Auto Shutoff Valve
• Flow Restrictor – modified capillary
• Long Reach, Non-Airgap Faucet
• Feed Water Connector – 1/2″ threaded inlet adapter w/Metal Ballvalve
• Drain clamp
• 1/4″ John Guest Polyethylene Tubing (color coded)
• JACO compression fittings
• Dimensions – 14″ W x 7″ D x 18″ H – Tank – 11″ Diameter x 15-1/2″ H
• Weight – 24 lbs.
• Storage Tank Capacity – 4.0 Gallons
• Max. Working Pressure (psi) – 100
• Production Rate 35 gal/day at 65 psi
• Inlet Water Pressure (psi) – 40-100
• Normal Filter Life – 1 year
• RO Membrane Life – 4 years                           

Limited Warranty – 2 Years

    Don’t Let Hard Water Drain Your Wallet

    Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

    Don’t Let Hard Water Drain Your Wallet 

    Soft Water Tips that can save you hard cash

    (ARA) – Ever wonder why dishes come out of the dishwasher with a filmy residue or why soap doesn’t lather in the shower? It may be because your home has hard water.

    Hard water, which is a build-up of natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium, is the culprit for many inconveniences including stained porcelain, frizzy hair and dry, itchy skin. But it’s more than inconvenient: it’s also costly. Hard water can cause water heaters to run up to 60 percent less efficiently than with softened water, and it can reduce the life span of other appliances.

    It is estimated that more than 80 percent of homes across the country are affected by hard water. What is more staggering however is that many homeowners do not know if they have hard water or how to detect it. Do you?

    The amount of hardness varies in each water supply. However, the Salt Institute estimates that the equivalent of nearly 90 pounds of solid rock is brought into the average home by hard water each year. For an average family of four, that’s the equivalent of a one-pound rock about every four days.

    Hard water can have a serious impact on your pocketbook. It can shorten the life span of your appliances by as much as 30 percent, which can lead to costly repairs or replacement. That means a washing machine that should last 13 years, may last only nine years, because of hard water damage; a dishwasher that should last 10 years may last only seven, and a hot water heater that should last 11 to 13 years, may last only eight or nine.

    Another factor to consider is the high cost associated with repairing major appliances. How much would you be willing to pay to repair a 5-year-old washing machine? Replacement is often the best option once hard water has wreaked havoc on an appliance. By installing a water softener, you can add more than three years to the life of most of your appliances — and save yourself the expense of replacing them sooner than expected.

    Whether you’re washing dishes, clothes, or taking a shower, installing a water softener can make your life easier by eliminating potential hard water problems at their source.

    How hard water affects you

    * Hard on clothes — Clothes washed in hard water tend to wear out 15 percent faster than those washed in soft water.

    * Hard on washers — The American Water Works Association has found that washing machines that use hard water can wear out up to 30 percent faster than those that use soft water.

    * Hard on dishes — Hard water can leave an unsightly film build-up on glasses and dishes.

    * Hard on you — When you bathe in hard water, deposits are left behind which may leave your hair looking dull and your skin dry. Shaving is also more difficult in hard water. And hard water leaves a filmy soap ring around bathroom fixtures, making bathroom and kitchen clean up more difficult.

    * Hard on budgets — Hard water requires much more soap, shampoo, or detergent than soft water, so your soap products don’t stretch nearly as far.

    Solve the problem

    The first step in solving hard water problems is determining the hardness of your water. Once you know your water’s hardness, it may be time to install a water softener. Water softeners cost from $400 to $1,600 and can be installed by homeowners or by a professional. Once the unit is installed, it must be properly set to match household water usage. Some units can be set to regenerate only on demand, while others follow a regular cycle.

    Make sure your water softener is always full of the proper salt. Without salt, a water softener is useless. Salt is necessary to regenerate the water softener’s resin beads, which take the hardness out of your water.

    Also, don’t forget to re-test your home’s water supply at least once a year to ensure it is healthy. A hard water test strip is the quickest and easiest way to test your water.

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